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Baddaginnie Runs vineyards nestle in the foothills of the Strathbogie Ranges in Victoria, Australia in a beautiful healthy valley.
The secret to our wine's exceptional quality is the health of our land’s ecosystems. Land health is directly linked to biodiversity, which in turn depends on the level of native flora cover across a farm landscape.
For decades our family has been restoring native vegetation across the valley landscape. Today a network of bio-corridors surrounds vineyards, protects waterways and stores huge volumes of carbon.
The terroir expressed in our wines comes from a winning set of factors. It combines healthy ecosystems, ancient granitic soils, vibrant wild yeasts, temperate climate and sustainable practices. Together these give Baddaginnie Run wines their complex, full-fruit flavours.
Discover, savour and share our exquisite wines from the trusted provenance of our healthy valley. Our Liquor Licence is #36102428.

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