The Valley & BR Wine Terroir

Great wines begin in healthy vineyards – which is the secret to BR wines’ delightful characteristics. The BR motto and logo expressed by Tim Jones’ in his dynamic engravings From the Land. For the Land, tell the BR story. Our wine’s terroir comes from the interaction in between ancient granitic soils, a temperate climate plus the wild yeasts flourishing above and below ground in the BR vineyards.

Restored biodiverse ecosystems are the secret to our wine’s exceptional quality. Illustrations depict principle of putting back to the land what’s been taken out over two centuries … a virtuous circle.



It is this natural connection from land to bottle we are so passionate about sharing with you. We strive for BR wines to truly express their own fruit, so when tasting our wines, you feel like you’re strolling down the vines, plucking grapes on a soft summer’s day!

‘Terroir’, from the French word the ‘earth’, is now a universal word describing the ways differing physical attributes of specific vineyards combine to impact differently on the wines from that specific site. Until recently it was thought ‘terroir’ was mostly about soil-types, topography, climate etc.  But Snow and global wine expert Ken Chase spent years helping to build a body of research, which shows that regenerating biodiversity wine quality. Where the biodiverse conditions in a vineyard support the wild yeasts occurring naturally on that site, then those yeasts will flourish and express themselves in the distinctive flavours of their wines. An example of biodiversity enhancing productivity and wine quality is Baddaginnie Run’s 2021 Wild Ferment Shiraz, a cracker of a wine made on our vineyard, with only our valley’s yeasts able to impact on the wine-making process. 

A big thank you to all the family and friends who have helped us regenerate these bio-corridors. Thanks also to all those who buy BR wines, thereby enabling us to continue the BR Bio-corridor networks project.