From the land. For the land.

Handcrafted, World-class wines from a trusted provenance.

The engravings ‘From the land, for the land – a virtuous cycle’ were created for Baddaginnie Run by leading Australian artist Tim Jones.
 Tim’s images symbolise the regenerative power and cycle of nature when we care for country, the philosophy underpinning who we are, what we do.

We are stewards of our much-loved valley which nestles in Australia’s timeless Great Dividing Ranges.

We’re creating world-class wines FROM a trusted provenance. We’re restoring our bio-diverse ecosystems FOR the future.

Our commitment to this cycle of continuous regeneration is reflected in our wines, our brand and our practices.

We invite you to enjoy our wines. In doing so you help us restore the land.

Discover our award-winning wines

Who we are, what we do

Four inter-connected goals drive Baddaginnie Run’s philosophy:

  • Restore biodiversity so land can sustain future generations
  • Replace native vegetation bio-corridors on 50 per cent of our farm
  • Produce premium quality grapes through sustainable practices
  • Create exquisite wines that express the unique flavours of our terroir.

Wines & Productivity

“People want to know where their food comes from. It’s not a fad now, it’s a reality.”

Matt Moran, leading Australian chef  2014



“The best response to climate change will be a polar shift in how we think about … wine in this country. Rather than asking ‘What does the market want?’ Australian grape growers and winemakers need to ask ‘What can this country provide?’

Max Allen, The Future Makers, 2010

People & Place

“We are part of the earth and the earth is part of us. What befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth.”

Chief Seattle, 1852

Our Wines

Baddaginnie Runs vineyards nestle in the foothills of the Strathbogie Ranges in Victoria, Australia in a beautiful healthy valley.

The secret to our wines’ exceptional quality is the health of our land’s ecosystems. Land health is directly linked to biodiversity, which in turn depends on the level of native flora cover across a farm landscape.

For decades our family has been restoring native vegetation across the valley landscape. Today a network of bio-corridors surrounds vineyards, protects waterways and stores huge volumes of carbon.

The terroir expressed in our wines comes from a winning set of factors. It combines healthy ecosystems, ancient granitic soils, vibrant wild yeasts, temperate climate and sustainable practices. Together these give Baddaginnie Run wines their complex, full-fruit flavours.

Discover, savour and share our exquisite wines from the trusted provenance of our healthy valley. Our Liquor Licence is #36102428.

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Land and biodiversity

The philosophy driving Baddaginnie Run is caring for country. To us this means look after the land and it will look after you and future generations.  Family and friends have helped plant and protect native flora for decades with valley health improving remarkably. The secret to our beautiful wines is the health of our land. We’re achieving this through a land regeneration cycle involving:

  • replacing the native flora restores health to biodiversity and ecosystems
  • healthy ecosystems create conditions for producing high quality grapes
  • quality grapes provide basis for creating high quality wines
  • sale of high quality wines helps resource further land restoration.

Recently we received a transformative grant from the Australia Biodiversity Fund to bring biodiversity and production together in the Baddaginnie Run Roadside to Ranges Bio-corridor. Restoring land health is a big challenge for all Australians. We’d love you to join us.

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We are stewards of our much loved valley, for just a brief moment in the life of the Planet. We strive to balance the needs of productivity and biodiversity so we can create great wines and pass land on to future generations in good condition.

People & place

Winsome McCaughey and Snow (Edward) Barlow are the directors of our small family company. As partners in business and in life, we established the vineyard in 1996 with the dream of creating world-class wines from a sustainable vineyard.

We are passionate about family, valley and wine and very hands-on. We aim to balance productivity with biodiversity in the interests of land health. In exploring new models for sustainable farming we draw on a century of knowledge and experience between us.

We are joined in this endeavour by renowned Australian wine-maker Sam Plunkett who crafts our award-winning wines. We acknowledge and thank the many family members and friends who support us both in our business and environment activities.

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We respectfully acknowledge the Taungurung peoples, traditional owners of the Strathbogie Ranges who have lived for aeons in harmony with this land.

Join us

We are on a journey and we’d love you to come with us. There is much to be done! An easy way to help is to purchase and enjoy our wines with friends. We’d also love you to share our story. Tim Jones depicts this in his beautiful engravings – which is that:

  • Replacing native bio-corridors restores healthy ecosystems
  • Healthy ecosystems enable wines to express distinctive terroir flavours
  • Reinvesting returns from quality wines enables more land restoration

If you'd like to assist in other ways, contact us or subscribe for updates.