Biodiversity Wine Initiative South Africa and porcupine tracking!

BRANDS TELLING THE CONSERVATION STORY Porcupine Quest © The Porcupine Quest THE PORCUPINE QUEST Ever wondered what porcupines get up to? Where they go, where they feed, shelter, mate and socialize? The owners of Boekenhoutskloof wine farm in the Franschhoek valley are so interested in the elusive little creature that features on their wine label that they established the Porcupine Quest to help sponsor porcupine research. Sixteen porcupines have been fitted with GPS collars that send information over the cellphone network to PhD student Cindy Bragg. She is doing a four-year study on porcupines through the University of Cape Town to better understand their role in widely differing Cape ecosystems – from Franschhoek to Nieuwoudtville to the Kalahari.To track the porcupines see:...

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Jamie Goode’s post on Terrior

Sunday, July 26, 2009 Terroir: one of the most interesting wine concepts I love the topic of terroir: the idea that the specific soils and local climate of a vineyard area can impart distinctive local character to the wines it produces. I love the fact that it is still quite mysterious. We know that some sites are very special, and are capable of making great wines, yet we don’t know exactly why, despite extensive scientific investigation. I’ve been re-reading James Wilson’s book on Terroir (Mitchell Beazley), but as much as I find his descriptions of the geology of the various French wine regions interesting, I’m frustrated by his inability to link specific soil types to wine flavours. I have my own theories – but that’s all they are. On one level, it’s just a wonderful mystery that the partnership of specific sites and grape varieties yields great wines in ways we can’t predict, and that there aren’t that many places on earth that are capable of this. On another level, I’d love it if we could find ways of prospecting new ‘great’ vineyard sites more accurately, and of making great wines more available and...

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Join us

We are on a journey and we’d love you to come with us. There is much to be done! An easy way to help is to purchase and enjoy our wines with friends. We’d also love you to share our story. Tim Jones depicts this in his beautiful engravings – which is that:

  • Replacing native bio-corridors restores healthy ecosystems
  • Healthy ecosystems enable wines to express distinctive terroir flavours
  • Reinvesting returns from quality wines enables more land restoration

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